What is the Quietest Motorcycle Helmet?

People pick a quiet motorbike helmet for several reasons. There are helmets for everyone, whether you ride an old-school bike or wish to be more environmentally conscious. This article includes the Sena Momentum Evo, Schuberth, and Shoei RF-1200.

Momentum Evo Sena

The Sena Momentum Evo motorcycle helmet is one of the quietest on the market today. It has a low-profile, lightweight design with air vents that enable air to travel through for excellent ventilation. The helmet may be worn in a variety of driving situations while being quiet and comfortable.

The Momentum EVO smart motorcycle helmet is continually improving, as is the Momentum range of smart motorcycle helmets. Varied versions have different characteristics, and this newest addition is far better than earlier models. An integrated headset and a high-resolution, QHD/FHD point-of-view camera are among the features.

The Sena Momentum Evo motorcycle helmet, based on the 20S model, offers excellent noise reduction even at moderate speeds. It also incorporates Bluetooth communications, allowing riders to connect with their GPS, music, and phone. The helmet can also communicate with up to eight Bluetooth-enabled riding companions. The helmet is built of fiberglass composite and comes in two shell sizes.

RF-1200 Shoei

The Shoei RF-1200 motorcycle helmet is a big matte black helmet with excellent ventilation and an anti-fog system. Unlike other helmets, this one is easy to wear. It is also really silent. This helmet has a lot of good features, such as an adjustable Sun Shield and a fast-release mechanism. It does, however, come at a high price.

This helmet is ideal for motorcycle riders who have oval or round heads. Its aerodynamic form ensures a snug fit. It also comes in four different shell sizes. To balance the possible impact on the stiff shell, the RF-1200’s shell is comprised of two layers of varying densities.

The vents on the RF-1200 may be opened and closed. The brow and upper vents are padded. The helmet also has a sun visor. The helmet shell comes in sizes XS to XXL.

Tour X4 Arai

The Arai Tour X4 is an excellent motorcycle helmet that is both quiet and comfy. Internally, this helmet features a rounded form and an innovative fitting mechanism. The FCS, or facial contouring system, consists of contoured cheek pads that press into the head to provide a tight and comfortable fit.

If you’re looking for a new motorcycle helmet, try the Arai Tour X4. This full-face motorcycle helmet has a wide field of vision and a high-density polystyrene lining that reduces noise even at high speeds. The Tour X4 is suitable for both off-roading and leisure riding. In addition, the helmet has a high fiber-to-resin ratio and unique fiber layers to improve structural integrity and impact flexibility.

The ventilation system of the Arai Tour X4 helmet is likewise outstanding. The front and back of the helmet include several intake and exhaust ports. On hot days, these ventilation systems assist to decrease wind noise and keep the helmet cool. The visor of the Tour X4 has a Pinlock insert lens for better anti-fog protection.


The answer to whether a Schuberth helmet is the quietest motorbike helmet is a resounding yes. Schuberth helmets are very quiet due to superior design characteristics. They use a tuned acoustics system and tailored neck cushioning, for example, to greatly minimize noise. Their visor and shell are also meant to be aerodynamic, which helps to their silence. The firm also employs a fiberglass composite material, which results in very lightweight helmets.

Schuberth is not only the quietest motorcycle helmet but also one of the most comfortable. The Schuberth C3 Pro motorcycle helmet is built for all-day comfort. It is one of the most comfortable open-face street helmets on the market thanks to its improved ventilation.

The Schuberth C3 helmet comes standard with two integrated antennas and an acoustic collar to assist decrease wind noise. To exploit these functions, however, a separate communications system is necessary. These helmets also have an aerodynamic flip-up construction that allows them to be silent even at high speeds.