Clear Coating on Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

If you are curious about the clear coating that is present on your vintage motorcycle helmet, you are in the right place. Here is an overview of the process involved in the application of the coating. The first step is to dry the base coat. This will prevent grease or skin contact with the design. Once the base coat has been applied, you can then begin applying the design. Care should be taken to apply the masking tape properly, and the design should be symmetrical.

Stim Helmet

If you are restoring a vintage motorcycle helmet, you might be wondering if it is possible to add a clear coating. It’s not impossible, and it can be done in a number of ways. The first step is to clean the helmet. To do this, you will need to remove the old paint. This will help prevent rust and prevent the clear coating from wearing off.

Blauer HT 80s

The retro-inspired 80s design of the BLAUER HT 80s full face helmet is sure to please vintage-minded bikers. Its tri-composite shell consists of carbon, Aramidic Fibre, and Dyneema fibres under an epoxy resin. Its angular, boxy design offers a wide view angle and comfortable fit. It also has a flip-up visor and a removable liner.

Nolan N90 flip-up helmet shell

There are many things you can do to protect your vintage motorcycle helmet. One way is to add clear coating. You can apply it by hand, or you can use a spray gun. You can also use a detail gun, which has a small 1.3 tip, to paint small areas.

AGV X3000 Ago

There are several methods for restoring and refinishing vintage motorcycle helmets. The first method uses an undercoat spray, known as primer. This will help the paint to adhere better. You should apply at least two coats of primer. After you apply the primer, you should sand the helmet lightly using 1500 to 2000 grade sandpaper. Next, you should apply a light coat of flat black quick coat. When the primer has dried, you should apply a coat of flat black quick coat. You can sand this lightly until you can no longer see the guide coat. Once the guide coat is gone, you can apply the final polish.

AGV X3000 Ago with retro graphics

AGV has come up with a new motorcycle helmet that pays tribute to the iconic Ago helmet from the 1960s. The helmet features a contoured chin piece and a dual-button visor that can be opened with one hand. It also has washable and replaceable interior padding. It also comes in a luxury leather bag. The helmet is made of carbon fibre and weighs only 1290 grams in its smallest size.

AGV X3000 Ago with genuine 1960s Grand Prix styling

The AGV X3000 Ago helmet pays tribute to the 1960s Grand Prix era with a chin bar, large viewport, and smooth profile. While it sacrifices some ventilation, the AGV X3000 is certified by DOT and ECE and features premium leather and suede interior.

AGV X3000 Ago with custom graphics

The AGV X3000 Ago helmet is a special edition tribute helmet to legendary Italian motorcycle racing champion Giacomo Agostini. It has the same shape and colour scheme as his famous helmet but also has modern day features. For instance, it has a special contoured chin bar.


Motorcycle helmets with clear coating can be a great option if you’re looking for a vintage style. Many of these helmets feature a unique look that is both durable and attractive. If you’re looking for the best vintage motorcycle helmets, you can choose one with an original look and the latest technology. A clear helmet can protect your head from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Scorpion helmets are known for their innovative technology and comfort. They feature a moisture wicking lining that is designed to keep your head cooler and more comfortable. They also include features like a dual density EPS liner, removable padding, and an easy-to-deploy sun visor. The Scorpion brand offers a wide variety of options to fit your needs, from high-end models to inexpensive options that will look great on any bike.

Veldt Modular

The Modular is a fully customisable, modular motorcycle helmet. It features six vents on the front and two on the chin bar for cooling. It can be fitted with different accessories, such as a full-face visor, chin guard and windshield. All of these accessories can be attached or removed with basic tools. The helmet is made of lightweight Japanese carbon fiber.