Randsburg Has Its Own Dirt Biking Event

If you love off-roading, then Randsburg is the place for you. The town is full of open mine shafts and is a perfect off-roading destination. The town has a rich mining history and you can still visit the old mines.

Old West Day in Randsburg

The 18th Annual Old West Day will take place in Randsburg, California on September 21, 2019. This event takes place in a historic mining town in the Mojave Desert. It features many attractions, including ghost towns, OLD JAILS, and art exhibits. You can also enjoy music from local bands and eat great food from food trucks. This event is sponsored by the Rand Desert Museum. It is free to attend and the proceeds from the day’s activities benefit the museum.

During Old West Day in Randsburg, visitors can enjoy live music and cowboy poetry in the historic town, known as a living ghost town. You can also view vintage car and tractor displays, antique stores, and arts & crafts. Hay rides are also available. Visitors can enjoy the scenery from a hayride and the many other activities during the day.

Live music will be played throughout the day. This event will feature live bands, a petting zoo, and vendors selling all sorts of goods. There will also be a car and bike show, and the winners of the costume contest will be announced at the band stage next to The Joint.

Biltwell 100 Desert Race in Randsburg

The Biltwell 100 Desert Race opened the 2021 season in Ridgecrest, CA. This is a new race that features 100 riders in an extreme environment. The course is fast and lightly whooped, but not technical. The course is also very accessible to motor homes and non-four-wheel-drive vehicles. Spectators are permitted to watch the race but must stay at least 150 feet away from the course.

The Biltwell 100 Desert Race is a 100-mile desert bike race held near Randsburg in the high desert. The race was started by Biltwell, a local motorcycle aftermarket parts company, who wanted to bring back the classic racing experience. The event is attended by experienced riders as well as novices, and it emphasizes the fun aspect of the event over ego.

It was advertised extensively in social media and sold out in 48 hours. Organizers said they would provide “Good Times, Not Lap Times.” The race had professional EMTs, a medivac helicopter, and BLM permits. There was plenty of post-race commiseration, but there were plenty of crashes and mishaps.

Randsburg dirt bike event

If you’re looking for a great off-roading destination, Randsburg is a great option for your next off-roading trip. This historic mining town is located near Route 395 and offers a wide range of terrain for off-roaders to enjoy. Randsburg’s historic mining past is evident throughout the town, including open mine shafts.

On July 4, 2006, a 6.4-magnitude quake struck the area around Randsburg. Since then, the area has experienced more than 40,000 quakes. Local seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones has recorded more than 40,000 quakes since the quake, and Shotwell says that she has felt hundreds of them while working at The Joint.

If you’re not feeling too thirsty after your ride, you can grab a burger at the Whitehouse Saloon. Located in the middle of Randsburg, this casual restaurant is perfect for the off-roading crowd. It’s a cash-only establishment and the only one in town. The next closest restaurants are in California City or Ridgecrest.

Results of the dirt bike event in Randsburg

The riders in Randsburg this year had a number of top riders. In the Expert category, first Expert Mark Walters was followed by Hayden Roberts and Joe Zito. Both riders finished the race in the top five. The top novices were Nate Thrasher and Matt Farres.

Randsburg is a great off-road destination with a huge variety of terrain. The town is a former mining town near Highway 395, and has an interesting mining history. The town is filled with off-road riders during off-roading season. There are also open mine shafts in the town, which are often a favorite for off-road riders.

During the first moto, Justin Cooper tangled with Jalek Swoll and lost several positions. Hunter Lawrence passed him and finished eighth. Cameron McAdoo rounded out the top ten. Tyler Stepek was eighth at the halfway point of the moto, but lost a few more positions before the end. Stepek finished 16th overall.