Does Bajaj Own KTM and Ducati?

KTM, Husqvarna, and GasGas bikes are all owned by Bajaj Auto. PIERRE Mobility AG is also a subsidiary of the corporation. We will look at the ownership structure of these firms in this post. Finally, we’ll clarify whether or not Bajaj intends to purchase Ducati. Continue reading if you’re interested in KTM and Ducati.

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KTM is 47 percent owned by Bajaj Auto.

Bajaj Auto, an Indian motorcycle company, is seeking the acquisition of KTM, a major German motorbike manufacturer. By acquiring full ownership in KTM, the corporation will broaden its worldwide presence and enter higher-margin luxury bike markets. Bajaj presently controls 47% of KTM, making it the company’s second-biggest stakeholder behind the founders. However, there may be some negatives to the transaction.

Bajaj Auto purchased a 14.5 percent share in KTM, a German motorbike manufacturer, in 2007. This transaction was made feasible by the Indian business acquiring a controlling share in the German corporation. In 2021, Bajaj Auto’s stake in KTM will rise to 48 percent. In exchange for its investment in KTM, Bajaj gained ownership of two other brands held by Pierer Industrie. Both firms have a history of producing motorbikes, and their common objective is to develop the most sophisticated electric bikes in the world.

The business has progressively increased its investment in German motorbike manufacturer KTM, becoming the second biggest stakeholder behind BMW. Bajaj Auto International Holdings, a Dutch corporation, is the new owner of KTM. Pierre and Knuenz, who control 51 percent of the firm, are anticipated to remain the largest owners in the motorbike company.

Pierer Industrie owns 60% of PMAG.

Pierer Industrie now controls more than 60% of PMAG, an Austrian motorbike and scooter manufacturer. The corporation has stock in many other companies, including KTM and Pexco, and has invested in electric bikes. The corporation is traded on the stock markets in Frankfurt, Vienna, and Zurich. Aside from its investments in other firms, Pierer Industrie has controlling ownership in Pexco, a manufacturer of electric bicycles.

This is not the first time the German corporation has attempted to extend its operations. In December, the business bought electric bike manufacturer Pexco GmbH, with hopes to treble its income by 2020. It also intends to purchase the majority of other motorcycle manufacturers, notably BMW, to grow into Europe. Bajaj Auto will get a stake in PTW Holding AG and Pexco AG as part of the acquisition. At the same time, the Pierer Group will continue to control PIERRE Mobility AG as the only stakeholder.

PMAG’s subsidiary is Bajaj Auto.

The Italian firm has a significant investment in the Indian motorbike sector. Aside from the Bajaj Auto brand, the PMAG Group controls 50% of KTM AG and 51.7% of PTW Holding AG. The corporation is traded on the stock markets in Vienna, Zurich, and Frankfurt. Pierer Industrie AG owns the majority of PMAG. Pierre Mobility AG, a PMAG subsidiary, produces motorbikes under the Husqvarna and KTM brands.

Bajaj Auto will swap its 46.5 percent investment in Austrian bikemaker KTM AG for a stake in PTW Holding, a 100 percent subsidiary of Pierer Industrie AG, as part of the agreement. Previously, the two firms had equal shares in each other. The firm’s ownership will shift, with PMAG holding a larger share of the merged company and Bajaj Auto controlling the balance.

Bajaj Auto will not acquire Ducati.

During an annual general body meeting in Pune, India, Rajiv Bajaj, the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, hinted at a prospective agreement with Ducati. During the discussion, he said that the two firms were nearing the completion of a “promising partnership” and that a formal announcement would be made within the next two weeks. Bajaj’s stake in Ducati is believed to be approximately 48%.

For months, there have been whispers about a possible sale of Ducati, citing Volkswagen’s ambitions to sell the firm. Royal Enfield and Hero MotoCorp were two other potential purchasers. However, Bajaj Auto has entered the contest to acquire the bike brand. Bajaj Auto now holds a controlling investment in KTM and is interested in acquiring Ducati. Even though the two firms have yet to sign a contract, the most recent rumors regarding a possible sale of Ducati are mainly baseless.