What Does Lojack Cost For a Motorcycle?

LoJack provides a variety of warranty options to protect you against poor performance. Three of them are broad warranties. These warranties are valid for three months from the date of purchase. They also demand that you buy your LoJack from a LoJack reseller.


Lojack is a motorbike security device that enables riders to lock and unlock their bikes at the press of a button. The device costs $595 for a motorbike and includes a 24-hour money-back guarantee. This product is not free, but it is well worth the price. The product has three primary features:

LoJack begins by attempting to find your bike. If your motorbike is stolen, the location will be recorded in a database. Lojack may also be used to unlock your automobile. This system includes a database that records your vehicle’s location at all times. Lojack, in addition to tracking your car, provides various services that may assist secure your vehicle from theft.

Another important aspect of LoJack is its ability to prevent criminals from affixing a sticker advertising the device on the device. The burglar won’t be able to take it out to steal your motorbike this way. That is a significant disincentive to stealing. It costs about $750, so you can see how the gadget may save you a significant amount of time and money. Furthermore, if you are concerned about the value of your motorbike depreciating, it may save you hundreds of dollars in insurance premiums.

Another significant advantage of LoJack is its low cost. A motorbike costs roughly $750, while a vehicle costs around $720. The price varies based on the model and the amount of coverage. The most basic system costs $720, while a more complete system costs $1,200. It comes with a transmitter as well as an extended warranty.

TrimTrac Finder

The TrimTrac motorbike finder is a low-cost, big GPS tracker that utilizes GPS signals to follow your bike’s whereabouts. The gadget also has motion sensing and alerting capabilities. It may also track your bike if it is stolen or left unattended. The waterproof gadget may adhere to metal surfaces. It cannot, however, be hooked into your motorcycle’s battery.

The program is incredibly easy to use and processes location data quickly. It also has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to specify a predetermined path for your travel. You may set up notifications if you deviate too far from your intended path. Another benefit is that the gadget may go from the bike to the luggage with ease. The TrimTrac is an excellent motorbike tracking system that can be used on any kind of motorcycle.

Chain of Kryptonite

If you need a chain to secure your motorbike, the Kryptonite chain for bikes can be just what you need. To resist leverage assaults, this chain is made of 14mm links with limited internal diameter. The chain is available in two lengths: 39″ (990mm) and 60″. (1524mm). Its links are hardened magnesium, making it very robust and safe for your bike. In addition, the chain is protected against cutting instruments by heat and weather-resistant nylon sheath.

If you leave your motorbike alone, a chain lock may make it much more difficult to steal. These locks are also harder to cut. The new evolution series 4 disc lock from Kryptonite is exceptionally tough, with a 14mm steel shackle. It also has a double deadbolt locking mechanism to prevent the chain from being stolen.

The Kryptonite Messenger Chain and Moly are two alternative chain locks to consider. Both of these chains have sold-secure ratings, indicating that they are very secure. Both chains are 100 cm in length and 2.84kg in weight (6.26lbs). And, although these chains are hefty, they are definitely worth the effort. They are strong and able to endure the repeated impacts.

The Kryptonite chain lock may be the finest solution if you need a chain lock for your bike. Both chains are composed of hardened steel, making it difficult for unauthorized persons to steal your bike. In addition, the Kryptonite chain will be less costly than the Abus chain.