What Are Love Jugs on a Motorcycle?

Love Jugs are crafted from aircraft-grade stainless steel and polished to a gleaming chrome finish. Love Jugs, unlike other motorcycle water bottles, do not chip, blister, or corrode. They’re also quite long-lasting. You’ll be delighted you have a Love Jug whether you’re riding in a hot region or a cold one.

316L stainless steel

If you’re riding a motorbike and need a drink on the move, stainless steel Love Jugs are the way to go. These drink holders are constructed of aviation-grade stainless steel and have a high chrome finish. They are significantly more resilient than conventional drink carriers and will not corrode, blister, or chip.

The Love Jugs’ outstanding cooling mechanism is one of its most critical characteristics. This cooling solution, which combines a Frame Mount Kit with a Vibration-Master, is very efficient and safe. It will keep your drinks cooler for a longer period. This system also delivers great ventilation while being quiet.

Another advantage of employing Love Jugs is that they lessen engine vibration. While this is useful for certain motorcycles, it may not be as successful on others. This is because the vibration reduction of V-Ms is dependent on several parameters. The style of frame, for example, and the wear on the tie rods will all have an impact on how effective the Love Jugs are. Furthermore, the engine type and idle RPM all have an impact on the engine’s vibration.

A system with two fans

If you have difficulties with your motorcycle’s twin fan system, the first thing you should examine is the connection between the fan and the battery. As a result, the fan motor may burn fuses and trip the breaker. The fan must be replaced next. The precise connection between the battery and the fan might be difficult to establish.

Guaranteed money back

Motorcycle love jugs are one of the finest methods to keep your engine cool. They function by lowering engine temperature and increasing oil pressure. This improves engine performance and increases rider comfort. They also provide a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

Motorcycle coolers from Love Jugs are of the greatest quality. Their stainless steel body is polished to a high chrome sheen, allowing them to endure the roughest environments. They also employ completely waterproof fan motors. They deliver double the cooling power of ordinary cooling units, resulting in improved comfort and engine protection.

The Love Jugs motorcycle coolers come with everything you need to get them up and running. They come with frame mounting kits to provide the most secure positioning. The kits also remove the motorcycle’s cooling system and install the horn to the frame. This resolves the issue of excessive vibration.


You may be asking how to get a LOVE JUG warranty. These reusable drinking containers feature a high chrome finish and are manufactured of aviation-grade stainless steel. Love Jugs uses solely stainless steel, as opposed to other companies that utilize aluminum or mild steel. As a result, they will never rust, blister, or chip. They can also survive tremendous vibration and wear and tear since they are not welded.

Another significant advantage of Love Jugs is that they significantly reduce engine temperature. This allows the motorcycle’s oil to flow cooler and creates greater power. The greater the temperature of your engine’s oil, the less power it produces. It also removes the issue of rear cylinder shut-down on hot motorcycles. Furthermore, Love Jugs are manufactured with high-quality components and come with a five-year guarantee.


Follow the installation instructions before putting love jugs on bikes. Failure to follow these directions may result in personal damage or the Love Jugs failing. This is due to the potential of coming into touch with electrical or gas lines. Remove the seat by first unscrewing the screw on the rear side. Lift the seat back and move it towards the back of the motorbike.

The Love Jugs are simple to install. Depending on the model of the motorbike, you may do it yourself in 15 to 45 minutes. If you are not mechanically inclined, you may get it done by a Harley dealer or a motorcycle repair shop.